7Inch Android 3G Mini Laptop Netbook E-Book
7Inch Android 3G Mini Laptop Netbook E-Book

Price: $79.13

Date Added: 02/26/2012 by Richard Blonski
For $100 you cant go wrong. after I received the product I quickly updated the firmware to latest official version. That being said the product is much faster than most people give it credit. The app store is useless (but I knew that before i bought it) however there are plenty of apps that you can download and install from your pc. It took me about a week to really fall in love with it. Having never used the android o.s I didnt know what to expect. I use mine for work as well as play and it works great. I have found quite a few apps (not as many as ipad, but give it time). I dont consider myself a computer geek, but if you just sit down and mess with it you can customize it pretty well.
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